Yoni bundle

Sereniti Bath Body and You

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Yoni bundle
Yoni bundle

Everything you need for at home vajacials


1. Cleansing Flower Power Soap- with ph balance and delicate enough for even the most delicate flower. (Dont not put inside)

2. Yoni Glow w/frankensense - decrease  razor bumps and ingrown hairs w/healing power of this ancient herb. 

3. Yoni oil- One thing I notice very often is the dryness/chafing  of my Brazilian wax customer. I bet you didnt think it was important to apply oils to this area but it needs just as much TLC as the rest of your body. Apply after shower to seal in water and decrease skin lifts (tares) when waxing. 

4. Yoni Refresher: keep this in your purse for on the go refreshment 

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