Body & Hair Icing w/Cupuacu Butter
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Body & Hair Icing w/Cupuacu Butter

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Looking for something natural, and nourishing to counteract that dry thirsty skin? Choose between our ultra rich body lotions, or our body icings (an amazing occlusive products excellent for super dry skin needing a more concentrated product). Either product is excellent for all skin types.
Do you have skin? Ok so now that we have established you NEED lets talk a tad about why.
Then our body & hair icing is right for you! 
We use shea butter thought to, moisturize . 
Cupuacu Butter- an exotic Brazilian Butter thought to combat free radical
Add in amazing oils such as avocado, rice bran, argan oil and so much more and lavish your skin and hair. 
Oatmeal Milk & Honey- clean barely there scent. 
Kiss of Sereniti- Almond flower, vanilla, musk sandlewood, blend to create this beauty.
Pink Champagne- Tropical passion fruit, Champagne, musk and more mingle to create this beauty. 
Red Velvet- Smells of Red Velvet Cake
Sweet Potato Pie- blends of brown sugar, vanilla and sweet potato
Sweet Dreams- Lavender, Bergamont & Chamomile
Vanilla Patchouli- vanilla & Patchouli
Heavenly Glow- Vanilla, Honeycomb and citrus