OMG I have tiny white strings popping out of my skin!

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 Sometimes I have to be a tad dramatic (Inserts Wall Slide).

Does anyone else have this issue? Well your probably never noticed while others of us are having nervous breakdowns and freaking out times 20! If you have stood in the mirror and applied a little pressure and noticed what seems like 500 lil while things surface, I am here to tell you... it is completely normal. I notice mine more during the fall/winter months. They are most noticeable in my T-Zone nose, chin, forehead.


Sebum that is what! Simply your skin doing what it has always and purposed to do. It provides protection to the epidermis, from the elements, and it happens in both skin & hair.   When we are stressed emotionally or hormonal there maybe an increase. Basically it boils, down to the job of slowing down how fast water is evaporated from skin cells... that is a topic for another day. 

What can I do to combat this? I am glad you asked. 

The key to combating this is to have a daily regime: You cant stop it but you can help balance that thing out. 

I recommend cleansing your face daily both morning and night! 2xs 

1. Activated Charcoal Soap Ba

2. Use a toner

3. Moisturize your skin! 

4. Weekly use a clay facial mask to detox skin and pull out impurities

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