My First Brazilian Wax, now what

Nashunda Sessoms

 Our most requested service is our coco brazilian wax. I want to talk to you about common mistakes that are made. This service will either be the best decision you ever made or the worst. Hang tight as we talk more about what you should and should not do post service. 

     Our coco brazilian wax, (yes we use chocolate wax) or (honey wax) is a dream come true. Waxing has several benefits:

1. Reduction of odor.  

2. No more razor bumps, 

3. Hair is less dense when growing back. 

4. It could last from 4-6 weeks vs having to shave daily. 

5.  No more cuts. 

6. Increases sensations (looking for something to help hype your sexy) 

Most of you already know that but for my people in the back, that are still on the fence (wink). 

Lets talk about how to care for your new service. 

When getting a wax I always recommend, our high frequency. Why?  It encourages healing, collagen production, and killing bacteria. This service is very important This is ESSENTIAL. We just opened up follicle and we need to insure we close & encourage healing plus kill any inflammation/bacteria, that could be near the follicle. Before your leave the spa do these things

1. Book your next appointment 4 weeks away. (It can be uncomfortable, however, scheduling early ensures less pain on the next visit we want to get those hairs before the are fully mature) 

2. If you are interested in balancing out any hyperpigmentation, schedule for our jewel box facial post wax 48 hours or later. 

  Do not forget to snag your post yoni care kit here.   

3. Be consistent- You will not experience horrible itching as ones does when shaving) being consistent ensures we catch hair before really anchors( which is what cause the pain) .

4. The pain is way less than before I promise and it gets better each visit.

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