How to keep your skin hydrated during the Winter

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     One of the hardest things to explain to customers is that you skin is just as vulnerable to dehydration as it is in the summer.  The wind is no joke here in NC this year, and I even I have found myself having to do a lot of extras to keep my skin up to par.

    Have you noticed tightness in your skin, (not the good kind) or more breakouts? Dehydration could be the problem.One of the services we offer at the spa is called the Hydration(More Moisture) Facials, this signature facial, is ideal for people battling dry skin, or in search of anti-aging remedies. It starts with a deep massaging cleansing, then onto an enzyme to remove dead/damaged, skin cells.This treatment also evens out the skin surfaces giving you smooth subtle skin. Once we open  up the pores to receive layers of hydration first w/steam to get the blood flowing, then on with a collagen infusion using galvanic treatment. Galvanic treatment is the use of a positive and negative ions to push product deeper into the epidermis, a non invasive plastic surgery. We will be using a collagen serum to push deeper w/ galvanic treatment. Does it hurt? No it does it, you dont feel a thing. The older you become, there is a loss of collagen and elasticity of the skin, you know that things that gives you that youthful look, and skin that bounce back. It fights against wrinkles and more.  Afterwards a little more hydration and then massage and seal all of that goodness in with a moisturizer. 

  Tip: During your daily skincare regimen everything you need can be found here be sure to leave skin slightly damp and then apply moisturizer to lock in water. Cells need water to perform their best! 

    This service is valued at $75 for the month of January partake in this service for only $65. Just mention this blog post! Text to schedule 252-231-2628 or self schedule here

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