How to get the best results with your Bikini/Brazilian Wax

   Summer is almost here, and guess what my books are full of... yep you guessed it waxing clients. In particular Brazilian waxing schedule is the largest requested service. So here we are as we go into swimwear season. Although waxing is the requested service I am an esthetician, and my expertise lies heavily in skincare. Remember to take care of the skin around the intimate areas and the intimate areas. Have you ever changed a baby and noticed the skin may look scaly, or even be chaffed? This means the skin is either dehydrated,damp to long or, lacking nutrients. How does this correlate with my waxing you may ask?  If skin is dry or chaffed, it could cause skin taring, when waxed. I encourage if you are coming to have a waxing service to use our body scrubs  to exfoliate the area. This does a couple of things, it gets rid dead skin, leaving the skin nourished and at the same time deposits minerals from the oils and butters, along side making hair easier to remove. 

***Note this should be done 2-3 days steadily BEFORE you come to have the service done. It will rid the hair follicles of built up skin cells that may have accumulated. DO NOT attempt to do this the day before service.

    We wax for several reasons, that includes time, convenience, hair grows back less dense, and  for aesthetic reasons, no more razor bumps, and of course no one wants hair hanging out during our visit to the beach. Lets just be honest.  No matter what your reasons are for having the service done, remember the importance of skin care and if you have the service done, the care of the skin is always first with me. I for numerous reasons have created the ultimate cocktail of nourishing ingredients that I like to treat skin with post, waxing. I have a special suggestion coming up for at home care. Always remember the foundation has to be properly cared for if you are on the quest for flawless skin, yeah even the skin in this area.

At Home Care:Post wax I always encourage customers to use our body icing, to get the skin back to its healthiest state.

Interested in booking a service with me, we are located at 301 S Church Street Suite 146 Rocky Mount NC 27804 (across from Police Station) click here to self schedule or call, text 252-231-2628.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post ask questions and I am even open to suggestions on things you might be interested in reading about. Until next time remember it is "more than skin deep".


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