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Did you know you are partially to blame for your acne?

Yes it could possibly be your fault. Other than not having a proper skin care regime, there could be some contributing factors. Let talk about a few.
1) Your cellphone, how often do you wipe that piece of equipment down. We touch it with our hands then we stick it to our face, and then we do that 100xs over and can never figure out why we have breakouts on our jawline. (ask me how I know) Wipe IT down!
2) Keep your hands out of your face. I still do it! Guilty as charged, when I am bored sometimes I prop my head up in my hand or even I sometimes, touch acne, and pick them. You should never touch your face without properly washing your hands. Why because we have tiny pores (or enlarged pores for those that have oily skin) that become infected with bacteria, and this causes acne, breakouts, or the dirt gets trapped and it becomes a comedone (blackhead).
3) Be sure to wash your pillow case as frequently as possible. Needless to say dirt/oils from our hair, Can transfer to our face.

4) Cleanse those dog gone make up brushes!!!! 

PS: Our Activated Charcoal soap is amazing for assisting with keeping acne at bay! 

I hope these little tidbits helped you. Be sure to comment below and let me know if there are any other things that you would like me to talk about or if you have any questions.

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