5 Ways to Create the Hottest Valentine Day Gift Yet!

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Do you ever get tired of wrecking your brain on how to make this Valentine's Day better than the last? (Raises hand ) I do! Its truly about creating the ultimate day of relaxation free of stress and worry and sprinkling lots of love on top! So I began to think what are 5 things I could do this Valentine's Day to make myself ready to take care of hubby? You know the kids have this, and my clients need that, and ...... stop right there it is a celebration of love and its about you taking care of him. It is my logic that if both spouses are thinking of ways to take care of each other everyone always wins. This is the list I came up with, it may seem a tad self absorbed but stay with me I will explain. PS: Go on and get your pearls out (wink).

1. Vsteam:

   Vsteam has tons of perks that believe it or not will get you all the way in the mood, so heat is known for stimulation, getting the blood flowing in the area of focus, yep you guessed it. Some of perks in particular it has been known for is tighting walls, assiting with vaginal dryness, clearing out bacteria and boosting libido (the energy of sexual drive). Did I mention how relaxing this service is? Cheers to vaginal health! Book your appointment here

2. Brazilian/French/Bikini Waxing

    Put on your big girl panties.Ok, yes it is not a relaxing service but hold tight with me and hear me out...  Getting a Brazilian/ French Wax will make you feel sexier than any piece of lingerie you can buy. Hands down confidence levels go through the roof! The other amazing thing is that you save time, no itching when the hair comes back and it last anywhere from 3-4 weeks while shaving last 2 days maybe max? Ummm winning. Did I mention how when the hair comes back it less, and the more you do it well you get the picture. 

3. Back Facial

   So many people think this service is just for people that have issues with the skin on their back, well my dear you are wrong. This service is one of my most requested services from both Male and Female customers. Well how does it correlate ? You will be super relaxed... there is no other way to describe it and nothing will say I am ready to take care of someone else like allowing someone else to take care of you... Does that make sense? 

4. European Facial

    You know where I am going with this service, same as the back facial, however can you imagine how beautifully your skin will glow and how radiant you will be after this service, apply your make up to the newly exfoliated radiant skin and your fave lipstick... yess hunni! The added perk is that our euro covers the shoulders and the cleavage areas, allowing you to get some extra TLC. 

5. Spa Date

   This services is one of my faves it allows me to service both you and your spouse. My Chef ShebaStar will prepare the most amazing Strawberry Champagne Cupcakes (she makes them exclusive for my spa) for you. Next up I will have champagne, awaiting you both. The treatment room is trailed with rose petals, and the atmosphere is perfect for a romantic date. You both have your service with extras like parrafin dip for either your hands or feet, your choice. This service ends with a gift for you both from the Sereniti Bath Body and You Boutique. 

I put this list together and I am willing to bet you want be disappointed by booking a couple of these services and testing out that special day! I think Love should be celebrated each and everyday but, at least we have a day to remind us to step our game up. The important thing is to remember to relax and just love each other daily not just on this holiday.The great thing about these services are that you can get them outside of Valentine's Day. Hope to see you soon! Let me know your thoughts on this post and if you would like more post like this! 

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