The Basics about V-Steaming

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Lets get Steamy!

How many of us have heard of v-steams? If you have not we will speak about this ancient service that dates back very long ago and is practiced in Africa, Asia and Central America. Literally the practice is the use of organic herbs boiled in water for their natural benifits and then you squat (in our case sit) on a special stool as the steam rises to help your lady parts internally and externally... It is really a sauna for your Cookie!! I have been ultra busy in the month of December one of the things I did was successfully take the course and exam and I am now a Certified Vaginal Steam Facilitator! I passed yall! (does a dance). You all know that I do not like to be out here doing stuff and not know what I am doing. 
Here are a list of reasons people steam and have found to be succesful!

Clearing up bacteria and yeast
Draining cyst
Expelling fibroids
Postpartum recovery
Prolapse miscarriage recovery
Reduce heavy menses
Increase scanty menses
Return missing periods
Regulate long or short periods
Improve vaginal prolapse
Tighten canals
Moisturize vaginal dryness
Alleviate painful sex
Enhance libido
Resolve pcos              
Odor elimination
Clearing virus
General hygiene and well being
hot flashes and so much more!
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